Make Your Saltwater Aquarium Thrive With These Tips

31 May 2019
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Many people claim that keeping a saltwater aquarium is more difficult than keeping a freshwater tank. While it's true that saltwater aquariums mean you must manage additional factors, such as salinity, with the right amount of care and attention, anyone can keep this type of tank. Here are three tips to help your new aquarium thrive:

1. Choose compatible species.

Marine life is beautiful and exotic, and it's certainly tempting to fill your saltwater aquarium with whatever fish catch your eye. However, it's important to remember that in the wild, some fish are natural enemies. placing predator and prey fish together in the same tank can lead to unwanted hunting behavior. Before purchasing any new fish for your tank, do your research to make sure it's compatible with other species you already own.

Mimicking preexisting ecosystems in the ocean can help you choose how to populate your aquarium. Some people enjoy the idea of owning a reef tank, filled with coral and animals that naturally reside in coral reefs. Corals are living creatures that look like beautiful flowers, and they can add a splash of color to your home. If you're looking for a coral that's perfect for beginners, try one of the many varieties of coral like ricordea that's for sale.

2. Clean your tank regularly.

In the ocean, animal waste is diluted and swept away by the tide. Your aquarium, on the other hand, is a small closed system where unwanted chemicals can build to dangerous levels. Keep your fish and coral from harm by cleaning your tank regularly. You should plan to clean your tank at least once a week. Your fish can stay put during this process; although, you will have to remove some of the water to scrape the algae from the side of your fish tank. Take the opportunity to clean your aquarium filter as well so that it can keep performing at peak efficiency.

3. Leave detailed instructions when you go on vacation.

Any pet owner knows that leaving town is more difficult when you have animals at home. When you go on vacation, it's important that you leave your aquarium in the hands of a responsible person that you trust. Leave detailed instructions for your pet sitter before you go. Let them know how much food they should add to the tank so that they don't accidentally overfeed your fish. If you will be gone for longer than a week, you should also leave instructions regarding the proper way to clean the tank.