Three Ways Cannabis Can Be Helpful For Older Dogs

10 February 2019
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Having an aging pup often means changing up your day-to-day life and theirs. Adding steps so that they can easily hop on the bed, taking them to more regular veterinarian appointments, and monitoring them for certain age-related health conditions are some of the ways that you may have already changed your dog's life. However, if they're getting on in years, there's one thing you may not have considered yet: cannabis. Here's how cannabis can be helpful to your dog in its later years of life.

Pain and Inflammation

One of the most common reasons that people use cannabis themselves and for pets is for pain problems. THC and CBD are both chemical compounds found within cannabis, and both can be effective at reducing discomfort.

THC is a psychoactive compound that's not put in all pet products. This is so that pet owners can choose whether or not they want their pet to be 'under the influence', so to speak. THC can be helpful in reducing your pet's discomfort.

CBD, on the other hand, tackles many forms of pain and discomfort at the root. Unlike THC, it's not psychoactive, and has been shown to be very helpful in reducing inflammation that's responsible for problems like pet arthritis.


Another good reason to use cannabis for dogs is for the purpose of stimulating their appetite.

As many dogs age, they start to show less interest in food than they once did. This can be due to health problems, like going through chemotherapy for cancer, or it can simply be a fact of life. However, it's important to keep your dog's muscle mass and fat at a healthy level, so introducing cannabis to help get your dog to eat on a regular basis can be a useful tool to have under your belt.


Lastly, many pets start to experience anxiety as they grow older. You may notice your dog crying or howling in the night if they get lonely or scared while you're trying to sleep. While vets and scientists aren't completely sure why pets experience more anxiety as they age, it's a common problem for both cats and dogs.

THC and CBD are both useful in reducing anxiety in pets. Giving your dog a cannabis treat or medication before you go to sleep can be helpful in getting them through the night without being fearful, and thereby letting you rest better too.

Cannabis, when prepared for pets by experts, is a very safe and helpful substance to use especially as your dog grows older. Talk to an expert or a veterinarian to find out what cannabis products are best for your dog.