What You Should Know About Dog Treats

29 August 2018
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When you have a dog, you want to watch their health and make sure you aren't feeding them the wrong things. While you don't have to worry about your dog's figure for all the reasons people watch theirs, such as fitting into clothes and feeling good about themselves, you still have to watch it for health reasons. An overweight dog will be more prone to health problems, and a dog eating the wrong things will also be prone to dental issues. However, dogs still love their treats and owners love giving them their treats. This is why you want to make sure you are giving your dog treats they will enjoy but that are also considered to be healthy for them. Here are some of the good treats you can give your dog that they will like and that won't result in negative side effects such as excessive weight gain, dental issues, and other problems:

Treats you may already have in your home

You may have some things in your kitchen that you eat and that will also be healthy treat options for your dog. They can have certain vegetables, such as broccoli, corn, green beans, and carrots. You can also give them some fruits like apples and banana slices.

Most dogs love peanut butter, and there are even dog toys that allow you to put peanut butter in the center. Your dog will chew on the toy while attempting to get some of the peanut butter. These toys can be good when it comes to distracting a dog with anxiety issues because they will forget about their stressors while they work toward the goal of getting at the peanut butter.

Don't just give them any people food you want, because some people food is bad for them, such as onions and grape skins. Also, you don't want to give them too much people food of any type. Treats should be given in small amounts because you want the bulk of their food intake to be a good high-quality dog food.

Treats you can buy for your dog

Grain-free and sugar-free treats can be purchased in packages. You want to be sure you treat these treats like snacks and don't give your dog a large amount in a day because the treats don't have the nutrients their food does, and this means they can suffer from malnutrition. However, the grain-free and sugar-free treats will give them a snack they will like that won't be bad for them.

Antler dog chews are great options for your dog in a number of ways. The antler chews will help to keep them focused on chewing, which can help with stress. They also help your dog to get rid of plaque because the plaque is removed while they chew. It also helps with puppies when it comes to teething.

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