3 Features To Look For When Getting New Fencing For Your Indoor-Outdoor Cat

4 October 2017
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Installing new fencing around your property often means focusing on what kind of features are best for your family. If you have cats that you enjoy letting spend time indoors and outdoors, you may be curious how to best contain them in your yard. Since it can be dangerous to allow your cat to get outside, it becomes so important for you to find a way to contain them in your yard.

If you're uncertain of what to look for when getting a fence for your cats, consider the following tips.

Sloped Sides to Prevent Climbing

One of the easiest ways to keep your cat from crawling out of your yard is to get a fence with sloped sides on the top. While this isn't available for most fencing when getting it installed, it can be installed with ease after the original fencing has been installed. Sloped sides can be added on to the top of the fence and curve towards the inside of your yard.

What a sloped fence does is create difficulty for your cat to climb onto the fence. This can make a big difference in getting your fencing cat-proofed. The sloped sides can be done with mesh or other materials that make it difficult for your cat to grip onto the sides.

Spring-Loaded Joints

While many people choose to get the sloped fence top curved to prevent their cat from getting out of the yard, it's also a good idea to get spring-loaded joints added. What this will do is cause the fence top to move when pressure is added. This simple movement can often be enough for your cat to be spooked if they ever try to scale the fence.

Matching Your Yard

When looking for fencing additions to make with your cat in mind, you'll need to focus on finding a style that will still fit in with the rest of your yard. Looking for features that are already common, such as certain materials or colors, can help you find cat fencing that won't look out of place once installed.

As you prepare for making adjustments to your fence, you'll begin to notice that some choices are going to be better fits for your cat. With a focus on making your yard as safe as possible for your cat, you can get the extra protection you want in your yard without sacrificing on style.