That Dog Does Hunt: Three Products Your Dog Needs To Hunt Comfortably

5 January 2017
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Hunting with a companion is always better than going out to hunt alone. There is no better companion to take on a good hunt than a dog. If you have a trained hunting dog or if you have a dog that you wish to train to hunt, it is best to get them out on the trails with you as quickly as possible. Before stepping foot out in the woods, there are some items that you need to equip your hunting hound with. Here are three products to purchase for your dog so that they can go hunting safely. 

A proper reflective vest

The last thing that you want while out hunting is for someone to mistake your dog for being small or medium size game. You must make sure that your dog has on a vest that identifies him has a hunter. This will prevent other hunters in the woods from taking aim at your dog or shooting near your dog when you are out on the trails. A reflective vest that uses velcro or buckles can be latched on to your dog and will stay firm even as they run through brush and thick grass. 

Foldable water bowls

On hot days or when you plan on spending more time out on the trails, you should pack up some water for yourself and your dog. Since your dog will be doing a lot of running around and helping to guide you through hunts, it will need to have refreshments every once in a while. Take along foldable water bowls that are easy to pop up when necessary. Pour a bowl of water during all of your hunting breaks so that your best hunter does not become dehydrated. 

Dog whistles

Depending on where you are hunting and if you are training a new dog, a dog whistle will help you bring you dog back after running ahead. If you are training a new hunting dog, get them used to running towards you when you blow the whistle. This way if your dogs get ahead of you on the trail or if all of the foilage in the path makes it difficult to see far ahead, you have a way to corral your hunting dogs back towards you. This will give you and your dog a sense of safety, because they know that if they get lost, all they have to do is follow the sound of the whistle to find you. 

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