How To Keep Track Of Your Dog And Assist With Maintaining Their Comfort While Camping

14 September 2016
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If you will be taking your dog with you on a camping trip this fall, consider purchasing the following items to keep track of your pet and maintain their comfort level while spending time outdoors.

Custom Dog Tag That Is Secured To A GPS Collar

Purchase an identification tag that contains your pet's name, your name and home address, and a contact number. If your dog wanders off while you are exploring the natural surroundings during your trip, anyone who comes into contact with them can notify you by using the information that is on a tag like Pet Novo.

If you secure the tag to a GPS (Global Positioning Collar), you can keep track of your pet's location as long as you have a mobile device on hand. A global positioning system will alert you if your pet wanders off or if their activity level has increased or decreased. The notifications that you receive will bring you peace of mind and allow you to find your dog quickly if you are accidentally separated from them.

A Weatherproof Coat

Purchase a weatherproof coat for your dog to wear on days where the weather is inclement or when you will be hiking through areas that are close to water. Weatherproof coats are designed to cover a dog's body. Many coats have a waterproof exterior and a thick lining. This type of coat will prevent your pet from feeling uncomfortable and can even save their life it they are outdoors for extended amounts of time and are exposed to heavy rain, deep water, or freezing temperatures. 

Wireless Pet Fence

A wireless pet fence can be set up around the area where you will be camping. The fence will make it possible for your pet to spend time outdoors without you needing to worry about them leaving the campsite. A collar that has an electronic device embedded in it will emit a sound or gently shock your pet if they attempt to leave the area that is marked. Many pet fences can be installed quickly and can be used in any outdoor area.

All of these items will make it possible for you to enjoy your camping trip without needing to worry about harm occurring to your pet. If you have success using any or all of the items, consider using them during other events that your pet will be spending extended amounts of time outdoors.