Adventures At Current Commercial Aquariums

15 January 2016
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Todays commercial aquariums are truly full fledged adventure aquariums. There are many new commercial aquarium designs that completely duplicate real life underwater habitats and offer views of creatures and plants that have never been observed outside of an underwater dive. These fascinating commercial aquariums are not just entertaining, they are educational tours for the visitor who experiences them. Here are a few of the latest commercial aquarium designs that people are traveling to see: 

  • Shark Tank Aquarium - A very special commercial aquarium is a shark tank aquarium. Sharks, fish, jellyfish, octopi, and other underwater species coexist in this living salt water aquarium habitat for visitors to see at close range. Growing coral reefs offer some protection for fish and other species while different species of sharks cruise the waters. At specifically advertised times during the day, divers go into the shark tank aquarium and feed the sharks. With a special shark tank aquarium ticket, visitors are allowed to enter the water in a small wire mesh cage and closely observe the sharks as they swim and feed in the aquarium. All visitors are outfitted in special scuba gear that has a large observation glass panel in front of their face. During their dives with the sharks, the visitors have their pictures taken. The visitors are given their photographs at the end of their visit to the aquarium. 
  • Dolphin Encounter Aquarium - Another exhilarating aquarium is the dolphin encounter aquarium. Visitors first encounter the dolphins when they enter the shallow part of the aquarium water and stand on a ledge in about 3-4 feet of water. Upon a signal from aquarium staff members, dolphins swim over to the visitor ledge, stick their head and nose out of the water, and offer their flipper to each visitors to "shake hands." A visitor can also kiss a dolphin that swims up and touches the visitor's face with his nose. For those visitors that desire a closer encounter, two dolphins will swim in tandem up to a visitor and upon direction from the aquarium staff, the visitor is instructed to grab onto the dolphins' dorsal fins and they are taken for a ride around the aquarium tank. Photographers document each visitor's encounter with the dolphins and they are given their photograph after they exit the tank. The Dolphin Encounter Aquarium is also viewable to other aquarium visitors (who do not get into the aquarium tank) through the aquarium glass below the surface of the water. 
  • Arctic Aquarium and Penguin Exhibit - Another fascinating commercial aquarium is the arctic aquarium and penguin exhibit aquarium. A visitor is able to view this commercial aquarium from above and also below the surface of the water. At advertised times of the day, aquarium staff dive into the water and feed the penguins. The penguins dive into the water from ice floes on top of the tank and take fish from the divers. The penguins seem to "fly" through the water as they propel themselves to and from the diver during feeding times. 

These public commercial aquariums have been built in many countries around the world. These custom aquarium designs are truly spectacular to see and experience. When traveling, arrange to visit one of these aquariums for an experience you will not soon forget.