3 Pet Supplies To Get For Your New Betta Fish

12 January 2016
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Betta fish are an excellent choice of pet because they are fairly easy to care for, beautiful to look at, and quite small in size. If you want to learn how to care for a pet, then a betta fish is a wonderful first pet for you. However, just like all other pets, there are certain things that you should purchase for your betta fish to ensure that they live a long and healthy life and are well cared for. This article will discuss 3 pet supplies to get for your new betta fish. 

A Tank and Hood

It is recommended that you get your betta fish a tank to live in, as this is the most secure structure for them. This tank doesn't need to be large because only one fish is going to be housed inside but the size that you get is basically up to you. You will want to purchase a fitted hood that goes along with your tank so that your betta fish isn't able to jump out. Most tanks will also come with a lamp attached to the hood, which can help you to look into the tank when you are feeding your betta fish, checking on them, cleaning the tank, etc. 

A Filter And Water Test Kit

Within your tank, you are going to want to have a filter set up. This filter will run constantly and will ensure that the water your betta fish is swimming in is clean. Since the build up of food and fecal matter can make the tank quite dirty, it is crucial that you have a filter that cleans the water. You will still need to completely drain and clean the tank now and then, but having a good filter can really increase the time between these cleanings. You will also want to have a water test kit on hand that allows you to test the water, not only when you first fill the tank, but also at regular intervals, just to make sure that the chemicals in the water are at safe levels for your fish to live in. 

An Air Pump 

Your betta fish is going to need to have oxygen in their water in order to survive. When you first pour water into the tank, it will have an abundance of oxygen in it, but as the days pass the oxygen levels in the water will get lower and lower. A great way to ensure that the water always has the proper amount of oxygen your fish needs is to purchase an air pump for your tank. This pump will constantly pump air into the water, making it a safe environment for your fish. 

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