How To Make A Home For Your New Dog

5 January 2016
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A dog can be a great family companion, but you must have your home dog-friendly before it arrives.  You not only need special food and bedding, but you will also want to purchase some special toys for playtime. Many of these tips are common sense, but they could save the life of your new friend.

Garbage: Dogs love to get into trash cans, especially in the bathroom and kitchen areas. Purchase cans that have tops with a tight fitting lid if possible. Furthermore, it is a good idea to keep the toilet lid closed to discourage the dog from drinking that water. Be sure your pet has fresh water at all times.

House Plants: Many plants will make a dog sick if it is eaten. Do some research and remove the ones that will place the dog in danger. Check the Internet or get a book to know which ones will be unsafe.

Electric Cords: Purchase some cord covers to dissuade the dog from chewing. You can also use a pet repellent spray. It is best to place the cords out of reach, so there is no danger of reaching or chewing them.

Yard Care: If you have a garden, find a way to place a fence around it so your dog cannot dig there. Use caution of what type of lawn treatments you use because fertilizers or pesticides can make your dog sick, particularly if the pet is outside unsupervised. Dogs like to chew grass sometimes.

Table Food: Resist giving the dog foods that will be eaten by the family. Some of the foods can make the pet nauseous, and some may be poisonous. Onions, garlic, chocolate, and fruit definitely should be avoided.

Clean House: Be sure to keep needles, coins, wrappers, hair clips, plastic bags, small toys, and any other items the dog may find interesting out of reach. It may decide it is fun to plan with and eat it. It will cause stomach issues that may require a veterinarian.

Bedtime: Provide your pet with a cozy bed using a blanket or towels. You can also purchase one for its special comfort so it will have a nice place to sleep at night and rest during the daytime hours if you aren't around. You may also want to invest in a dog crate if you aren't sure of how house-worthy your pet may be when you are gone.

Pet Toys: Be sure to purchase toys that are durable for your dog. Observe the ones that become shredded, and dispose of them so your friend doesn't digest them. Squeaky toys are okay and will provide many hours of fun for many animals, but you must supervise to be sure its parts aren't eaten after time passes.

These are just a few suggestions to make your dog enjoy its new home. It will require a bit of vigorous work to get the home ready, but these improvements may allow your new family friend to live safe and happy for many years to come. If you are interested in getting a family pet, contact a business such as Your New Puppy LLC.